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Tobias Gerhard Schminke

Ph.D. student at Dalhousie University
Political Parties | Party Systems | Party Funding | Development Studies
2022-2025 Trudeau Foundation scholar | 2020 Governor-Generals Gold Medal | 2014-2020 Studienstiftung
Founder Europe Elects


Research Interests

Honors & Awards

My honours and awards include the 2020 Governor-Generals Gold Medal (GGGM), the 2022-2025 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation scholarship and the 2014-2020 Studienstiftung scholarship.

A full list of honours and awards can be found on my CV.

Europe Elects

With 150,000 followers and subscribers on social media, Europe Elects is one of the most influential grassroots media, research and educational initiatives in the European Union.

I founded the election observatory in 2014, which was incorporated in 2019. Past partners include the Financial Times and Georgia State University.